North Korea

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I’ve gotten some inquiries re the song from last night, so here are the lyrics.

Your technicians drilled the bore
You lit the fuse, it shook the floor
You wanted into the nuclear club if it killed ya
I’ve seen your statue below the marble arch
But listen Kim, before you start a victory march
Your country’s a poor and very hungry North Kore-a

My seismometers let me know
What really went on below
You want to pretend it was not a dud, do ya?
But remember yeah we did testing too
Vaporized part of Eniwetok Atoll like the morning dew
And the Marshalls weren’t that far from North Kore-a

Maybe push will come to shove
But remember when we took off the glove
And pushed you back from Pusan to Seoul, ha
Even the Chinese want your ear tonight
They’re not laughing now that you’ve made the Sun’s light
No it’s a close and a very pissed off Chin-a

Our talks didn’t work; they weren’t much
But you couldn’t talk so you decided to punch
I fooled my people I bet I can also fool ya
Yeah and even if it all goes wrong
I believe Armageddon won’t be long
With my hands lifted for a Hallelujah

Apologies to Leonard Cohen.

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