North Korea

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I’ve gotten some inquiries re the song from last night, so here are the lyrics.

Your technicians drilled the bore
You lit the fuse, it shook the floor
You wanted into the nuclear club if it killed ya
I’ve seen your statue below the marble arch
But listen Kim, before you start a victory march
Your country’s a poor and very hungry North Kore-a

My seismometers let me know
What really went on below
You want to pretend it was not a dud, do ya?
But remember yeah we did testing too
Vaporized part of Eniwetok Atoll like the morning dew
And the Marshalls weren’t that far from North Kore-a

Maybe push will come to shove
But remember when we took off the glove
And pushed you back from Pusan to Seoul, ha
Even the Chinese want your ear tonight
They’re not laughing now that you’ve made the Sun’s light
No it’s a close and a very pissed off Chin-a

Our talks didn’t work; they weren’t much
But you couldn’t talk so you decided to punch
I fooled my people I bet I can also fool ya
Yeah and even if it all goes wrong
I believe Armageddon won’t be long
With my hands lifted for a Hallelujah

Apologies to Leonard Cohen.



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I hate in when I look up foo in the dictionary and it says “not bar”. Thanks, now I’ve gone from having to look up a word to know what it means, to having to look up another word to know what the first means, you’ve been a big help there.


Bad service: Kinko’s

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Kinko’s has changed the way you make copies at its self-service copy centers: Instead of putting coins into the copy machine, you buy a card at vending machine (with $1 increments) and the copier takes the card and deducts from the card’s value. You don’t get change from unused value left on your card, you “get” to keep the card for your next use. Yeah, like it’s going to be worth 70¢ of my time to hunt around for their stupid cash card. This is not an increase in automation: The copiers used to be self-vend already, without having to detour to buy a card. It’s just getting extra money they’re not entitled to from people not using all the money on the card and customer tracking. How about using your local non-chain copy center instead? I bet they won’t end up costing 50¢ a copy if you need only two and lost your Kinko’s card.


Make your own robot

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Someone has done something creative with that Flash engine which is used to make all those insipid dress-up “games”.
Newgrounds link

It won’t let you really make a robot. But you can make an image of one:

[image of robot]



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[Edit: Link down due to technical problems.]

Pictures from a backyard party I was at in PDX.


Can you find me?



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So, this guy pulls out his wallet.

I say, “Hey, that looks just like my wallet.”

He goes “Uhhh…”

I take out my wallet, and it looks just like his.

“Oh, I thought you were going to accuse me of taking your wallet.”


How to get excommunicated

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A friend of mine’s girlfriend recently decided to take Eleftherios’ advice and get her name off the roles of the Catholic Church, which she hadn’t considered herself a part of in a long time. She was raised Catholic, and this was mostly a cathartic action — while most people leaving the church can just quietly stop going to services, for some people this stuff can really get to them and need purging.

She showed me the letter she wrote detailing her dispute with the ways of the church. It was well-written, harsh, and from the heart. A few of her points:

  • The church resists truth-seeking, preferring dogma.
  • It’s supported oppressive regimes, so long as their policies were favorable to the church.
  • It’s sexist.

The first point is ubiquitous across religions. Disbelief is as much about faith as belief is — it is critical inquiry, skepticism, which is its true opposite. I think it was pretty brave of her to send her censure to the church.

In other news, I took the short ride to Venice again today. Less people around than yesterday, as it was overcast. Still some people trying to surf. I got going pretty well on the bike path and was feeling good, until I hit a tight outside turn and almost slid out. After that I rode much easier. On the way back I heard a biker was telling his partner “watch out for the sand” and felt better about it, that curve must have a rep.

On the omphaloskepsis front, I’ve been messing around with the blog’s “theme” (skin/chrome) to bring it in line with my preferences. Kudos to wordpress for making this nice with their CSS. Though they used pixel measures way too much, optimizing to a certain browser size. I’ve stomped the worst of these out.

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